Unlock car over the phone


Does this really work?

Unfortunately, this does not work. You can't call home and have the spouse unlock your car over the phone, because the phone cannot "hear" or transmit the radio frequency being transmitted by the key fob. Like alot of you tube videos it was faked. I personally have a 2 way car alarm and depending on the terrain it will work up to a 1/4 mile away.Best bet is to have a second key made for your wallet or purse before you need it. Even if it is an expensive transponder style key you WILL save a ton of cash not having to make and program a new key from scratch.

 Note: Some high end vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes, etc, have the ability to "sync" an app on your smart phone to the cars computer. This is more of an "On Star" type of opening and must be set up in advance to work a specific vehicle.